ndppd with burble.dn42 fixes https://github.com/DanielAdolfsson/ndppd.git
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Fix for broken strerr_r definition in alpine
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ndppd.conf-dist Doing some debugging on an issue with the routes not working from gateway hosted IPs 6 years ago
ndppd.conf.5 Added a promiscuous mode that allows the proxy interface to also respond to queries send from the gateway (for instance when it needs to route to a WAN address thats local) 6 years ago
ndppd.service Add a systemd service file 6 years ago



ndppd, or NDP Proxy Daemon, is a daemon that proxies neighbor discovery messages. It listens for neighbor solicitations on a specified interface and responds with neighbor advertisements - as described in RFC 4861 (section 7.2).

Current status

Version 0.x is in maintenance, and is being replaced by 1.0-devel which you can find here. 1.0 is not yet stable enough to be used in production, and I currently have no estimate when it is. Feel free to try it out if you like.

Latest stable release is 0.2.5: