DN42 Global Route Collector
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Global Route Collector

The global route collector is a common resource for collecting route data from across the DN42 network.
This data can then be used to provide statistics and a global map of the DN42 network.

Providing Routes to the Collector

All DN42 users are invited to provide routes to the collector; the more users that take part, the more useful the collector becomes.

The collector runs bird2 and supports multiprotocol BGP; the preference is for multiprotocol peering over IPv6.
If you are unable to support multiprotocol BGP, please provide both IPv4 and IPv6 peer addresses.

  • Configure a BGP session for the collector on your router.

Some example client configurations are included in the 'examples' directory.
Users are encouraged to configure the BGP Add-Path extension to provide a comprehensive set of routes to the collector.

Route Collector Services


http://collector.dn42/ (DN42 link)
https://grc.burble.com/ (public internet link)

In progress - the website will provide stats and a network map of the DN42 network.

birdc shell

ssh [email protected]

For command line interrogation of the route collector bird daemon via a birdc shell.

Looking Glass

http://collector.dn42:5001/ (DN42 link)
https://lg-grc.burble.com/ (public internet link)

The burble.dn42 looking glass is based on bird-lg with patches by Zhaofeng and Burble to fix formating and bird2 compatibility.

Prometheus Metrics


The collector runs bird_exporter and the metrics are publically available on the default bird_exporter port.

Downstream BGP Sessions

Contact [email protected] if you would like a downstream BGP session for your own analysis or metrics.