29 Commits (master)

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  Simon Marsh 547e7fdc04
Tighten ROA parsing to prevent invalid CIDRs from breaking things. 3 weeks ago
  Simon Marsh 729540bd60
Update source references in explorer app 4 weeks ago
  Simon Marsh 4e50627050
Add drone pipeline 1 month ago
  Simon Marsh 967bea2aa7
Fix rendering of attributes that have trailing newlines 4 months ago
  Carsten Wolfrum 12ea3c1d4b
Added docker image 4 months ago
  Simon Marsh 1a957d2910
Add MIT License 4 months ago
  Simon Marsh 1ff2185651
- Sort filter{,6}.txt files by number rather than prefix length to be consistent with usage in registry 4 months ago
  Simon Marsh 3776d80c4e
Update sync rootzone script URL 11 months ago
  Simon Marsh de8c8ce1f8
Add container build scripts 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh 28dc32f69c
Add privacy wording to static website 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh 57ba0d2e46
Tidy updating of th registry to fix use on non-master branches 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh cdba1d94f7
Add api/registry/.meta endpoint 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh b9de311c36
Update URL and add new burble.dn42 reverse range 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh 083f6d03eb
Don't emit ROA rules if the prefix length is greater than the MaxLen defined in filter{,6}.txt 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh 15b4f49ce7
Update public explorer link in README 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh b4f8047b77
Fix a couple of bugs and corner cases in the root zone sync script 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh d7d1365e7d
Add root zone sync script 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh 3340f1be7b
Add API for DNS Root Zone records 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh 2d5839e044
Harden systemd unit file 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh 79081f79d2
Add CORS header to allow cross origin requests 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh ddbedc0ff6
Extend validity period and add checking to ensure ROA data 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh 14ed3da238
Add server capability to generate ROA data 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh ab9628b212
Refactor API to include key and attribute matching 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh 7531c642ff
Fix absolute path when searching 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh 1e467d5d3b
Web App: 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh c027cd5410
WebApp: New functionality for permalinks to searchs/registry objects 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh 740a1ef20e
Fix presentation of newlines in registry data 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh 4f785d4dd0
Update Documentation 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh 66ca94dccc
Initial Commit 1 year ago