This is a clone of the BIRD Internet Routing Daemon, used for building the bird daemon used in burble.dn42.
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Reset Extendend Length flag when encoding BGP attributes
7 months ago
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conf BGP: Add support for BGP hostname capability 8 months ago
doc Doc: Document automatic RPKI reload 7 months ago
filter Filter: Update 'gw' to handle IPv6 link-local addresses 7 months ago
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misc NEWS and version update 7 months ago
nest Revert "Add patch from JRB0001 to reload protocols on RPKI change" 7 months ago
proto Reset Extendend Length flag when encoding BGP attributes 7 months ago
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bird.conf KRT: Fix IPv6 route learn 4 years ago Bump version in build script 7 months ago Static scanner and expensive debugging setup fix 1 year ago


                       BIRD Internet Routing Daemon

Home page
Mailing list [email protected]

(c) 1998--2008 Martin Mares <[email protected]>
(c) 1998--2000 Pavel Machek <[email protected]>
(c) 1998--2008 Ondrej Filip <[email protected]>
(c) 2009--2019 CZ.NIC z.s.p.o.


The BIRD project aims to develop a dynamic IP routing daemon with full support
of all modern routing protocols, easy to use configuration interface and
powerful route filtering language, primarily targeted on (but not limited to)
Linux and other UNIX-like systems and distributed under the GNU General
Public License.

What do we support

o Both IPv4 and IPv6
o Multiple routing tables
o Border Gateway Protocol (BGPv4)
o Routing Information Protocol (RIPv2, RIPng)
o Open Shortest Path First protocol (OSPFv2, OSPFv3)