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# Contact
Members of the dn42 network mostly communicate via IRC or the mailing list.
If you would like to contact an individual network operator, you will find contact information in the [Whois](/services/Whois) registry.
## Mailing list
* is at: dn42 /at/ groups.io,
* send a mail to dn42+subscribe /at/ groups.io to subscribe
* has [archive](https://groups.io/g/dn42)
* can be accessed via [NNTP](/services/News) as well. The group is alt.net.dn42.users
## IRC
Channel #dn42 in [hackint](http://www.hackint.eu/)
See [IRC](/services/IRC) too.
## Telegram
* [unofficial group, english only, maintained by SUNNET-MNT](https://t.me/dn42dn42)
* [bilingual, Chinese&English, maintained by BILL-MNT](https://t.me/Dn42Chat)
## Web
There are currently multiple decentralized mirrors and domains for the DN42 wiki available:
* [dn42.us](https://wiki.dn42.us) maintained by xuu
* [dn42.dev](https://dn42.dev) / [wiki.burble.dn42](https://wiki.burble.dn42) maintained by Burble
* [dn42.eu](https://dn42.eu) maintained by Nurtic-vibe
* [dn42.pp.ua](https://dn42.pp.ua) maintained by Androw
* [dn42.wiki](https://dn42.wiki) maintained by DannyAAM
* [dn42.de (ipv6 only)](https://dn42.de)
* [dn42.cc](https://dn42.cc) maintained by LARE (uses [wiki-ng](https://git.dn42.dev/wiki/wiki-ng))