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Telegram Bot Webhook

The frontend can act as a Telegram Bot webhook endpoint, to add BGP route/traceroute/whois lookup functionality to your tech group.

There is no configuration necessary on the frontend, just start it up normally.

Set your Telegram Bot webhook URL to, where alpha+beta+gamma is the list of servers to be queried on Telegram commands, separated by +.

You may omit alpha+beta+gamma to use all your servers, but it is not recommended when you have lots of servers, or the message would be too long and hard to read.

Example of setting the webhook

curl "${BOT_TOKEN}/setWebhook?url="

Supported commands

  • path: Show bird's ASN path to target IP
  • route: Show bird's preferred route to target IP
  • trace: Traceroute to target IP/domain
  • whois: Whois query